Morning Excerise

East Coast Park Morning Taiji Excerise

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Every Tues, Friday , Sat and Sun.

Venue is outside Marina Cove East Coast Parkway, at the grass patch facing the sea.

7.30am- 9.30am

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1. Warm up

2. 健身气功八段锦

3. 少林达摩易筋經

4. 华陀五禽戏

5. 六字决

6. 站桩

7. 十三式简化太极拳

8. 24 式简化太极拳

9. 功夫扇


Extra :

Every Sat -  竞赛套路42式太极拳

Every Sun - 杨式32太极剑



Only $10 per month! Come and join the exercise.

Contact us for more details.






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