Choosing a good durian

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How to Choose a Good Durian / 6 Steps to Choosing A Good Durian


First of all, what is a good durian? For us, a good durian is one that is ripe, fresh and free from larvae/worms. However, a durian with worm doesn't mean it is not good because it can still be delicious.
So how do you know if a durian is good or fresh? Here are some steps you can try when looking for a good durian:

  1. Look at the tip, if it is too dry means it is no longer fresh. A little dry is okay.
  2. Look at the bottom, if it is crack it may be over-ripe or not so fresh. But it still can be delicious.
  3. Smell the durian, if there is a strong smell, it is most likely good. If there is no smell, it is probably not ripe.
  4. Use your fingernails to scratch the durian, if it sounds hollow it is likely to be a good one.
  5. Put the durian close to your ear, shake it and listen carefully, if there is a 'moving' sound, it is likely to be good.
  6. Look for holes around the durian, if there is tiny hole somewhere, there is likely to be a worm (larva of an insect) that has burrow into it.
  7. Final way: just open and taste it. 

 Below are some of the popular durian characteristic:

Ang Hae / Udang Merah / Otak Udang 红虾 “Red Prawn” (RM10-30). For this durian it can be described as the Superstar, it is outshining, consists of both strength and idol features. “Ang Hae” got its name from its orange coloured flash. It is smooth, fine and sweet and it even has a slight bitter taste. The flesh is thick with small seed. It is one of the awkward spicies. Of course just like tackling a Superstar it come with a price. The price for “Ang Hae” is slightly higher comparde to tje others. but still it is one of my favourites. 
Hor Lor 葫芦 “Calabash” (below RM15). This species can be described as an elegant and prestige girl born from a rich family. The taste was fine and gummy. It tasted sweet in the beginning (at the outer part) and it got more and more bitter when towards the end. Of course, it is like dating a rich girl, you will need to spend more. At first you will feel sweet and happy with her but at the end of the day you will feel bitter as your wallet gets empty.
 Kim Poh “Golden Treasure” ( below RM15, less than Hor Lor), this one can be classified as mistress, the flesh is fine and creamy. The texture is like ice cream but when you pull it up and taste deeper it is rather bitter. It is like a man trying to keep a mistress. The mistress is soft and tender, she will treat you nice with pleasure. However, once you are hooked you are hard to pull out.
Ooi Kiau Ong / Kunyit Kuning 黄姜 “Yellow Tumeric” (below RM10). This one is like the official wife who always cares for your feeling, follow you through up and down. The colour is fade-yellowish, slightly bitter and creamy in taste. The taste is smoother compared to the rest, even the price is also cheaper compared to the previous few.
Chae Pui 青皮 “Green Skin” (RM8 -RM20). This can be classified as an Independent Career Lady. She will let you know the meaning of work hard first and enjoy later. Which is bitter first with sweet ending. The taste is slightly bitter at first and once you get used to it, you will feel that actually it’s very sweet indeed. The color of the flesh will determine the bitterness of the durian, if the inside shows greenish it will be bitter.
Tatt Kar Chui 塞屁股 “Stucked Ass Hold” (below RM10). This one tastes like country girl. This is a creation by Ah Joo. I am not sure why they gave this name. May be someone is having constipation after eating this Durian, that is why the name came as it is. The taste is sweet and the odour is not too strong. It is like a shy girl that just came out from country side.

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